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What You Need to Know About Marketing in Asia

Marketing in Asia

With Western powers weakening over the decades, followed by the rise of China and India as economic superpowers, many companies are now seeking to funnel more efforts into their marketing in Asia, especially within stable and emerging Asian countries like Cambodia, Thailand, and even Vietnam.

The landscape of marketing techniques is constantly changing, with new trends and developments coming about regularly. Yet while these marketing practices are subject to change, marketing itself has always been a cornerstone among both global and local businesses.

As a premium SEO agency in Asia, Grow Digital understands that a good marketing strategy and plan are needed to direct your business’ growth. SEO tactics and technical implementations should only be executed when the right plan has been crafted with the business’s marketing goals in mind.

In this post, we offer you an outline of marketing in Asia and how it can be used to one’s advantage when marketing.

Marketing in Asia Must Be Targeted Towards the Right Audience

Just like all marketing strategies, marketing activities in Asia should be well planned and executed. With an increase in the population of more than 4 billion people living on the continent, it is critical that you determine who your target audience is before you begin any sort of marketing campaign.

This is especially true for diverse populations like Asia as marketing must adapt to the unique circumstances of each country and how the populace responds. Asian countries have cultural backgrounds which are different from Western countries. In addition, infrastructure, government policies and political stability are very diverse across Asian countries.

The marketing principles that are used in the Asian marketing world at present have been taken from traditional Western marketing strategies as a foundation, but they will always be different because many of them have evolved organically to cater for each country’s customs and cultures. 

Geographical Limitations Are No Longer a Constraint to Marketing in Asia

While marketing in Asia used to be prohibitive if one lacked connections with high-ranking government officials or business moguls, many of our strategic digital marketing trainers have now found success in today’s marketing in Asia as online marketing techniques can now reach a wider range of people regardless of their geographic locations.

Digital marketing such as search engine optimization, social media marketing, content marketing and paid online advertising may be the best choice for marketing in Asia due to the unique needs and wants of Asians, compared to traditional marketing tactics. This is especially true if you are trying to reach different Asian markets cost-effectively.

While marketing in Asia used to be highly influenced by customs and traditions, the Internet offers a medium where online marketing can appeal directly to their needs rather than what would have been considered as “good values” years ago.

Online marketing in Asia is also not limited by geographical constraints, reaching out across oceans and over mountains as if they had never existed at all.

How Digital Growth Will Bring Benefits to Marketing in Asia

Numerous marketing techniques can be used to promote your business. This consists of a mix of traditional and modern marketing mediums such as newspapers, magazines, and radio broadcasting, and even social media marketing on online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

However digital marketing is now upping its position among other marketing methods because it provides better tracking and measurement for marketing campaigns, in both Asian and Western countries.

For example, building a successful search engine optimization (SEO) campaign for your online business is also critically important and effective regardless of the geographic area targeted. SEO is about ranking your website high on a search engine’s search results when potential customers key in queries related to a product or service you offer.

SEO is a form of digital marketing that is foundational as potential customers will also use search engines as one form of research when looking for a product or service. This is called capturing users who have search intent. When customers are looking for a type of product or service that you offer, you want to ensure your brand name appears. This is where SEO can be highly effective as an organic form of digital marketing.

In general, digital marketing will also give you access to digital marketing tools, which can help make life easier when you lead marketing in a big corporation. Digital marketing tools help marketing executives and managers in making more accurate marketing decisions that can boost your business’s marketing efforts to higher levels.

Any strong marketing campaign for Asian countries (and others) should always include these three components: sales marketing, direct marketing, and public relations marketing as they play a vital role in shaping a company’s image no matter what its size or where it operates.

As such, companies need to adapt their marketing strategies to communicate the benefits of their products in a way that appeals to foreign audiences in Asia.

Since marketing trends ebb and flow according to consumer desires, marketers need to be updated with the latest trends so they can cope up with these changes and adapt well when needed.


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